cannot open `/usr/share/sendmail-cf/m4/cf.m4': No such file or directory

yum install sendmail-cf

switching sendmail from Host to Time on confQueue_SORT_ORDER

I have seen issues with Comcast greylisting then blocking large volume domains. I am going to try to make this configuration to see if this helps. What I believe happens is they greylist and then on retry all the messages are in order by host which makes Comcast see a much large queue all at once which then makes them block due to quantity. I believe this because our normal quantities are not an unacceptable range based on their site and our senderscore. I believe we just drive it higher based on hold messages all going out in order of host which seems to be the default of new versions of sendmail.

define(`confQUEUE_SORT_ORDER', `Host')dnl


define(`confQUEUE_SORT_ORDER', `Time')dnl

use impdp and expdp to import into another schema

<username>: A system admin user name
<password>: The system admin password
<exportschema>: The export schema name
<dba_directoryname>: A dba_directory name
<exportname>: A name to identify this export file
<date>: Today’s date

expdp <username>/<password> schemas=<exportschema> directory=<dba_directoryname> dumpfile=<exportname><date>.dmp logfile=exp_<exportname><date>.log

if needed create the user

create user <importschema> identified by <importschema_password> profile <userprofile> default tablespace <tablespace>;

impdp <username>/<password> remap_schema=<exportschema>:<importschema> directory=<dba_directoryname> dumpfile=<exportname><date>.dmp logfile=imp_<exportname><date>.log

Ctrl+c or Ctrl+v Dos

In a windows dos prompt the ctrl+c or ctrl+v options do not work. To support faster editing you can enable quickedit mode in the dos prompt to allow highlighting and pressing enter to perform the same thing as ctrl+c and crtl+v in windows.

Enable quick edit mode in dos