Install Application Development Framework for Enterprise Manager


Oracle Application Development Framework runtime download


The application development runtime give the java required files for other products such as enterprise manager control.

xhost +
sudo su - oracle
cd /software/oracle11gappserver/weblogic/application_development_runtime/

If no oraInventory exists it may request orainventory and root script first.
     > /app/oracle/oraInventory
     > run root script as root
     > ok
     > Next
Welcome Screen:
     > Next
Software Update Screen:
Enter creds.
Prerequiste Checks Screen:
     > Next
Install location
     > /app/oracle/product/ofm11g
     > Next
Application Server
     > Weblogic
     > Next
Installation summary
     > appdev.
     > Save
     > Install
Install progress
     > appdev.
     > save
     > Finish